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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to have a lot of money saved to buy a house?
    Having money saved is ALWAYS a good thing, but one of our top priorities is to get you to the closing table with as little money out of pocket as possible. We've even had clients to get money back at closing!

  • Can I still buy a house if my credit is not good?
    Credit is VERY important. It is possible to get a loan with damaged credit, but you'll pay a much higher interest rate. Don't worry though, we're able to help you address any credit issues that you may have.

  • Are foreclosures always the best deals?
    You can certainly find some good foreclosure deals, but they're not always the best deal. In fact, they are sometimes more challanging because they are bank owned. Many times, it's much easier to negotiate with a private seller than with a bank!

  • How much do I have to pay the agent?
    Great question! If you are purchasing a home, the agent is actually paid by the seller! Traditionally, the buyer has absolutely no financial obligation to the agent. In essence, our services to you are FREE!

  • Is it better to purchase a brand new home or resale?
    Neither is better than the other. It's all about your preference. Because our goal is to negotiate the best deal for you it's important that we let you know that a private seller is generally in a better position to negotiate than a new home builder.

  • Where do I start?
    The first step is to get pre-qualified with a mortgage lender. This way you will know how much buying power you have or if we will need to take a little time to address credit issues. Give us a call and we will be glad to walk you through the entire process!

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